About Us

Nuventex is a small company specializing in developing Mobile and Web Applications. At Nuventex we strive to provide the most interactive and seem-less experience available with modern technology. In a modern world with modern problems Nuventex is by your side.

Our Goal is to provide the highest quality products which meet and exceed the needs of our customers. When using Nuventex products and services you can be rest assured everything was developed with love and attention to every detail.

At Nuventex our approach is a customer first approach. Our products are designed with only one thing in mind, and that is the end user. We take security seriously and design all applications using the latest security standards. When you use a Nuventex product or service know that you are in good hands.

Our first application is NuNote which is currently available on Android (IOS is the next platform this will be available on). Check us out and give NuNote a try. NuNote is available on the play store at ... ADD Production Playstore Link here

Contact Us

Contact us at nuventex@gmail.com

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